What we do.

We are a student-led magazine, which aims to enable and stimulate an exchange on topics related to Law. Our name originates from the fact that we have chosen an approach to Law that is somewhat unusual. In German 'Recht' means both 'law' and 'quite', 'verblüffend' means 'astonishing'. Usually, Law is meant for lawyers only - for good reasons. Especially when it comes to codified civil law systems, Law has specific methods and strict dogmatics, which are taught at university. Our goal, however, is to show that Law is not only relevant and interesting for law students: it has a loud voice in politics, literature and science. That's why we think that students from all disciplines can and should contribute to our discussion. We are trying to broaden the horizon - we can all learn something from one another. A space for more creativity and openness in which to discuss important and serious topics.


For the time being, we will only publish articles online. We are however working on moving to print issues in the future. More details will follow when the time comes. Until then, we look forward to everyone who would like to contribute, whether on a one-off or regular basis! All are welcome.


Your Editorial Team