Volume 2: Sex and Power
  • Volume 2: Sex and Power

    Welcome to the age of sexplosivity: Sex and desire are ubiquitous in pop culture. Our second print edition critically places itself into this ubiquity: What do "sex" or "consent" actually mean? How should we deal with prostitution and pornography? Which kinds of desire does the law discriminate against? And where does sex end and violence begin: does law offer sufficient protection?


    Through articles, stories, poetry, music and art, we dedicate ourselves to two topics that have nothing to do with each other: sex and violence. Sex is consensual, self-determined, and complex. Violence takes different forms: psychological, physical, social. Not everything is black and white by any means. Even the law does not abstain from these controversies, it takes a stand on societal, social, but also intimate issues, and therefore we ask: Is its position worthy of criticism?


    Trigger warning: Much of our content deals with forms of sexual violence; it is about possible triggers for stressful feelings and memories. We ask those who feel affected by this to read with caution.