Who we are.

We are a mixed group of students who are passionate about topics related to Law. Amongst us are philosophers, historians, lawyers or political scientists in the making. We reach from Nigeria, via Hong Kong to Germany. What connects us is our common interest in the many ways in which Law shapes our society and lives. Ultimately, Law can be found in everything and everywhere! We want to know where Law comes from, what ideas stand behind it, which rules it imposes and where it should be going. We discover, question and critically comment on the Law as we know it. 

The editorial office


Marie Müller-Elmau


Law and philosophy student at LMU. Has a soft spot for Russian literature and colorful trousers. Also acts as a vehement defender of bad dancing and Falafel Kebab.


Anna Maria Grill


History graduate from Queen Mary University of London, with a focus on intellectual history. Started a second degree in law because she likes to argue with everyone about everything.


Olivia Müller-Elmau


Olivia studies philosophy and political science at the LMU. Her heart is beating faster for theater of all kinds, marathon discussions about feminism and more recently oat milk.


Philipp Martin


Philipp promoviert in Rechtsgeschichte. Wenn er nicht gerade Rennrad fährt, hofft er, mit dem Auto nicht mehr in Italien liegen zu bleiben und schwört auf Aperol.

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Emma Bruhn


Juraabsolventin an der HU. Kann nicht ohne Bücher, Pasta, Element of Crime und Overthinking - alles am liebsten am Meer. Träumt sehnsüchtig davon, irgendwann mal in Italien zu leben.


Jolanda Olivia Zürcher


Draws, lives and currently studies in Leipzig. Enthusiastic collector of all sorts of little things and great friend of classic stuff and figures with red cheeks.


Nora Hüttig


Studies art and math teaching in Frankfurt am Main and is very interested in topics from the field of psychology around the question of how nonviolent communication succeeds. In addition, she regularly delights friends and family with her coffee creations, aka latte art.


Fabian Hassel

Graphic design

Design student at the Peter Behrens School of Arts from NRW's Munich: Düsseldorf!

Also a cinema friend, ratatouille lover and summer night fetishist who uses every opportunity to do something creative.

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Matti Keller


Studiert Literatur- Kunst- und Medienwissenschaften in Konstanz. Bastelt Texte aus Texten und vergisst dann aus Versehen die Fußnoten. Mag Karten und unmoralische Erfrischungsgetränke. Der festen Überzeugung, dass es da, wo es nach Sch***e riecht, nach Leben riecht.


Noemí Harth


Noemí studies law at the LMU, loves all kinds of texts, uses Anglicisms whenever possible and feels that rummaging through flea market stands should be recognized as a sport.


Laurens Greschat


Hobby lawyer with a penchant for good cuisine, red wine and a great love for political science and history. Dedicated his life to educating people about political events and the socially destructive effects of Pizza-Hawaii.


Darian Leicher

Head of the Legal Department in Everyday Life

Journalism student from Cologne who likes to sit in cafes, drink good cappuccino and read the newspaper (made of paper). Pretty much interested in anything happening around the globe. Tends to do sports in his free time.


Elisabeth Tscharke


Jurastudentin mit besonderer Begeisterung für's Strafrecht, leidenschaftliche Pianistin mit besonderem Faible für Chopin, tanzbegeistertes Kreativbündel. Verweigert sich gekonnt der korrekten Verwendung des Genitiv(s), verehrt die deutsche Sprache ansonsten aber bedingungslos.


Leah Nowak


Hat an der HU Jura studiert, obwohl sie eigentlich mal Malerin werden wollte. Verbringt im Sommer fast jeden Morgen mit Kaffee und Buch auf ihrer Fensterbank, liebt melancholische Musik und weint manchmal beim Rollerfahren -einfach, weil's so schön sein kann.


Lea Donner


Lives and studies in Berlin, loves to portray socio-political issues in pictures and color combinations in bright tones. When she's not currently drawing, she pats her cat.


Johannes Sauerhöfer

Grafikdesign (Web/Print)

Designstudent an der Peter Behrens School of Arts aus dem München NRW’s: Düsseldorf!

Außerdem Kinofan, Ratatouilleliebhaber und Sommernachtsfetischist, der jede Gelegenheit nutzt sich kreativ auszuleben.

Jonas Annetzberger.jpg

Jonas Annetzberger


Studied at LMU for what felt like an eternity and soon will be teaching German, social studies and philosophy at Bavarian high schools. Likes to spend his time behind cameras, at concerts, in the English Garden and planning the next vacation.